The Benefits of a Heated Towel Rack

One of the benefits of a heated towel rack is that it can be controlled remotely. This is an excellent feature for those who live in cooler climates. Some bathroom butlers even feature Heated towel racks to keep towels warm during winter. In addition, they feature stainless steel construction. Read on to find out how this product can benefit you. Let’s start with a closer look at some of the benefits of a heated towel rack.

Heated towel racks

If you’re looking for the ultimate bathroom comfort, you may want to invest in heated towel racks. Bathroom Butler, a South African-based company, has a variety of stylish and high-quality products. One of its signature items is the Heated Towel Rack, an intelligent technology device that dries your towels in the summer and heats them in the winter. To learn more about heated towel racks, read on.

There are two types of heated towel rails: those that are designed to run 24/7 and those that can be programmed to turn on and off as needed. Heated towel racks are also environmentally-friendly, utilizing a TDC Timer to save energy and run only when you need them. Lastly, there is the Wemo Wi-Fi Switch, which allows you to control the temperature of the heated towel rack from a mobile device, as long as the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

There are many advantages to heated towel racks. Towels that are hung on heated towel racks are less likely to develop bacteria. These heated towel racks offer a convenient, attractive storage solution for damp towels. Heated towel racks also save energy because they are space-saving and require less washing. Another perk of heated towel racks is that they can also be installed in a narrow bathroom.

When looking for a heated towel rack for your bathroom, make sure it’s made of stainless steel. This type of steel is incredibly hygienic and boasts a self-repairing coating. They’re also highly durable and won’t chip, peel, or crack. They also look great and are easy to maintain. Heated towel racks in the bathroom butler are available in various colours.

Easy to install

Bathroom Butler makes installing a heated towel rack easy. It has built-in controllers, so you don’t have to worry about additional switches. The company even offers a discount code that is good for 15% off your purchase. This code is valid until September 30, 2020. Enter the code at checkout to save. A warm towel in your bathroom is just one of the many benefits of installing a Bathroom Butler.

In addition to their heated towel racks, Bathroom Butler also sells a full line of other accessories for the bathroom. All of their products are easy to install and feature the RIGID Loc mounting system. They can be used in homes as well as high-end hotels. The brand even sells heated towel rack accessories, including heated towel rails. Bathroom Butler is known for its heated towel rack with intelligent technology, which allows you to control the temperature remotely. The heated towel rack also kills germs, so it’s the perfect solution for cold winter days.

Stainless steel construction

Bathroom Butler offers a range of accessories that provide a complete bathroom set. All products are crafted with stainless steel finishes and feature the patented RIGID Loc mounting system. Bathroom Butler products are already used in leading hotel brands worldwide, including South Africa, Mauritius, and Australia. But now they’re available to American consumers, too. Learn more about this unique brand and the new products it has to offer.

Stainless steel is the perfect choice for the bathroom because of its corrosion resistance. Unlike chrome, stainless steel does not require a protective coating and is thus corrosion resistant. In addition, it is more durable than chrome, so you won’t have to worry about peeling or chipping. Stainless steel construction is also resistant to wear and tear, making it an excellent choice for bathrooms. Aside from that, it is also easy to clean.


Modern bathrooms are known for clean, sleek lines and minimal colour schemes. Bathroom Butler is known for its durability, so these bathroom accessories are durable. There are many styles of bathroom butlers to suit your needs. Choose from solid brass, stainless steel, and chrome finishes. You can find a bathroom butler that matches your decor with ease. You can find one that fits your budget, too. And don’t forget to check out their special 15% off code.

A recent study showed that bathrooms were the top upgrade areas for homeowners in 2021. A total of 45% of homeowners intend to remodel their homes this year, with 44% planning to add smart-home components. New home construction continues to rise, and kitchens and restrooms are among the focal points of a home. Bathroom Butler offers a complete product line in the U.S. that dries and provides the ultimate bathroom convenience. A signature item is the intelligent technology Heated Towel Rack. It dries towels in summer and heats them in winter.


For a sleek, matte black towel warmer, consider the Bathroom Butler. Available in several finishes, this elegant addition to your bathroom will make an impression. For more information about the various finishes available, visit their website. You can also find a coupon code to receive 15% off your purchase! To start your bathroom makeover, check out the company’s website! And while you’re there, don’t forget to take advantage of their 15% off sitewide promo code!

The Bathroom Butler company carries heated towel racks, as well as a full line of other accessories for your bathroom. Their products use patented RIGID Loc mounting systems to mount all of their products to the wall securely. The unique RIGID Loc system ensures that nothing will move once installed, making your bathroom accessories easier to use! You can customize the temperature for summer and winter by dialidiallinghe desired heat level.

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